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Welcome back to the enthralling world of Lords of the Fallen. Today, we’re diving into an essential aspect of the game that will save you time and enhance your gameplay experience: fast travel.

Navigating through the vast and interconnected realms can be daunting, but with the fast travel system, you can swiftly move between different areas, ensuring a smoother journey in your quest against Adyr.

Why Fast Travel is a Game-Changer

In a game as expansive as Lords of the Fallen, being able to quickly traverse the map is invaluable. Fast travel allows you to revisit previous areas, access different parts of the world with ease, and save precious time. Whether you’re backtracking to pick up missed items, returning to a Vestage to level up, or simply wanting to explore, mastering the fast travel system is key.

How to Utilize Fast Travel in Lords of the Fallen

Step 1: Locate a Vestige

To begin fast traveling, you need to find a Vestige. These are glowing areas scattered throughout the game, serving as resting points, leveling up stations, and fast travel hubs. When you find a Vestige, interact with it to access its features.

Step 2: Access the Fast Travel Option

Once at a Vestige, look for the “Walk to Vestige” option. This is your gateway to fast travel. Select it to view the available Vestiges you can travel to. Remember, you need to have interacted with more than one Vestige to travel between them.

Step 3: Choose Your Destination

Navigate through the list of available Vestiges and select your desired destination. You will see various shortcuts and, occasionally, locations where you can plant seedlings if you have them. Seedlings create additional fast travel points, providing even more flexibility in your journey.

Step 4: Confirm and Travel

After selecting your destination, hold down the confirm button (as indicated on the screen) to initiate the fast travel. You will be swiftly transported to the chosen Vestige, ready to continue your adventure.

Fast travel in Lords of the Fallen is a straightforward yet invaluable tool in your arsenal. By locating Vestiges and utilizing the fast travel system, you ensure a more efficient and enjoyable gaming experience. So, embrace the power of fast travel, explore the realms with ease, and continue your quest to overthrow the tyrant god, Adyr.

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