Lords of the Fallen: Navigating Between Axiom and Umbra 1

Welcome back to the intricate world of Lords of the Fallen. In this guide, we’re delving into the realms of Axiom and Umbra, helping you understand how to navigate between these two dimensions to enhance your gameplay experience.

How to Switch Between Axiom and Umbra

Axiom and Umbra are two interconnected realms within Lords of the Fallen, each offering unique challenges and opportunities. Axiom is the realm of the living, the world you see as you play through the game.

Umbra, on the other hand, is a darker, more mysterious dimension that exists parallel to Axiom. Navigating between these realms is crucial for uncovering secrets, solving puzzles, and gaining the upper hand in battle.

Step 1: Use Your Lantern

Your lantern is the key to switching between Axiom and Umbra. To access your lantern, hold down the left trigger (L2 on PlayStation). This will bring up your lantern options.

Step 2: Switch Realms

With your lantern active, press the button assigned to switch realms (X on Xbox, Square on PlayStation). This will transport you from Axiom to Umbra or vice versa. In Umbra, the world takes on a darker appearance, and you may notice different structures, enemies, and opportunities.

Step 3: Interact with the Environment

In Umbra, use your lantern to interact with unique structures, bridges, and enemies that are not present in Axiom. This can help you solve puzzles, find hidden paths, and gain advantages in battle.

Step 4: Manage Your Time in Umbra

Be mindful of the time you spend in Umbra. The longer you stay, the more enemies will spawn, increasing the danger. Use your time wisely and be prepared to switch back to Axiom when necessary.

Step 5: Return to Axiom Safely

To return to Axiom, you can use your lantern again or find a Vestage, which will automatically bring you back to the realm of the living. Ensure you return safely to avoid losing progress and Vigor.

Navigating between Axiom and Umbra in Lords of the Fallen adds a layer of depth and strategy to your gameplay. By understanding how to switch between these realms and interact with their unique elements, you unlock new possibilities and enhance your journey through the game. Embrace the duality of Axiom and Umbra, and let it guide you to victory.

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