Lethal Company Version 45 Patch Notes: The Frosty Update Explained 1

Lethal Company’s much-anticipated Version 45 update, also known as “The Frosty Update,” has arrived.

This major content overhaul introduces a plethora of new features, gameplay tweaks, and seasonal additions that promise to elevate your survival horror experience in the game’s retrofuturistic, post-apocalyptic moonscape.

New Tools and Tactics

Spray Can: A Colorful Addition

The update introduces the spray can, priced at 50, which contains a limited amount of paint.

Before use, it must be shaken (using the Q key), and it’s perfect for marking dead ends or exits. The paint color is random for each mission but consistent across all players.

You can paint various surfaces, including teammates, but not enemies. A strategic use of simple dots and lines can effectively guide players through the labyrinthine maps.

Signal Translator: Communication is Key

The signal translator, costing 255, is a game-changer for terminal users. It allows players to send a short, 9-character message to everyone in the game. This tool is incredibly versatile, useful for warnings about enemies or coordinating team strategies.

Radar Booster Upgrade

The radar booster now features a flash capability, primarily used to slow down coil heads. It temporarily disables them for about 5 seconds, giving teammates a chance to escape. However, be cautious as it can blind your teammates and might anger other enemies.

Lethal Company Version 45 Patch Notes: The Frosty Update Explained 2

Arachnophobia Mode and Key Rebinding

For players uncomfortable with spiders, the Arachnophobia mode reskins the spider enemies, making the game more accessible. Additionally, the ability to rebind keys has been added, enhancing player comfort and control.

New Ship Items and Scrap Collectibles

The update brings new ship items and scrap collectibles. Look out for low-value glass flasks, functioning whoopy cushions, and wrapped gifts. The latter can be unwrapped back at the ship for potentially valuable items. Also, keep an eye out for fancy masks, but be cautious as they might bring unexpected surprises.

Enhanced Enemy Encounters

The Masked Menace

New enemies include masked figures that resemble players. They can convert allies into enemies, adding a new layer of challenge. It takes about four hits with a shovel to take them down, but this can vary.

Nutcracker Enemies: A Seasonal Threat

Nutcrackers, equipped with shotguns, pose a new threat. They take a brief moment to aim before shooting, allowing players to take cover or counterattack. These enemies appear in various maps, with different spawn rates.

Gameplay Changes

Rail System and Gravity Dangers

The rail system has been modified, making it less exploitable for avoiding monsters. Additionally, gravity has become a more lethal threat, with increased damage from falls.

Forest Giants Adjustments

There have been tweaks to the behavior of Forest Giants, although the exact changes are still being explored by the community. They seem to have an altered spotting mechanism, but they remain a formidable presence in the game.

“The Frosty Update” for Lethal Company Version 45 brings a refreshing mix of new content, strategic tools, and gameplay adjustments.

Whether it’s marking your path with a spray can, sending strategic messages, or facing off against new enemies, this update promises to enhance your survival experience in the game’s unique and challenging world. Happy scavenging, and watch out for those Nutcrackers!

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