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UFC 5 brings a plethora of new features and enhancements to the virtual octagon, providing players with the most immersive mixed martial arts experience to date. One of the standout improvements is the revamped grappling system, ensuring a more fluid and realistic ground game.

In this guide, we will delve into the art of executing takedowns, a crucial aspect of UFC 5 that can significantly sway the momentum of a fight in your favor. Understanding how to effectively take your opponent to the mat is paramount, and this guide is here to help you master this skill.

Guide: How to Takedown in UFC 5

Takedowns are a vital component of MMA, allowing fighters to control the pace of the fight and score valuable points. In UFC 5, executing a successful takedown can open up a world of opportunities, from ground and pound to securing a fight-ending submission.

Whether you are looking to neutralize a striker’s advantage or impose your will with top control, mastering takedowns is key.

How to Single Leg Takedown in UFC 5

  • Press: L2 + Square + X (PS5), LT + X + A (Xbox)

Hold down the left trigger and press square and X together (X and A on Xbox). This move is effective at close range and can be turned into a single leg shot or ankle pick by holding down L2 (LT on Xbox) and performing the same button combination from a distance.

How to Double Leg Takedown in UFC 5

  • Press: L2 + Triangle + Circle (PS5), LT + Y + B (Xbox)

Hold down the left trigger and press triangle and circle together (Y and B on Xbox). This is a powerful takedown that puts you in full guard, and it can be turned by moving the left stick up or down if your opponent denies late.

How to Power Slam Takedown in UFC 5

  • Press and hold: Single-leg takedown inputs or double-leg takedown inputs

For a more impactful takedown, hold down the inputs for either the single-leg or double0leg takedown. This lifts your opponent, allowing you to slam them down with authority.

Turning Takedowns in UFC 5

If your opponent denies your single or double leg takedown late, it turns into a takedown drive attempt and you’re still able to end up in a more advantageous position. Use the left stick to turn the takedown up or down. The opponent will try to defend by matching this direction with a flick of their left stick, as well.

How to do Clinch Takedowns in UFC 5

  • R1 + X or Circle (PS5), RB + A or B (Xbox)

From the clinch position, you have several takedown options. Press R1 (RB on Xbox) and X or circle (A or B on Xbox) to execute different throws and trips, putting you in a dominant position on the ground.

How to do Cage Takedowns in UFC 5

When your opponent is against the cage, you can take their back and execute various takedowns and throws. Use the left stick to flick towards their back and initiate the takedown.

How to do Takedown Reversals in UFC 5

  • L2 + R2 + R1 (PS5), LT + RT + RB (Xbox)

With good timing and the right stats, you can reverse your opponent’s takedown attempts, ending up in a top position yourself. Hold down the left trigger, right trigger, and right bumper (L2, R2, and R1 on PlayStation) as your opponent shoots for a takedown.

Like all aspects of UFC 5, practice is key. Spend time in training mode, work on your timing, and familiarize yourself with the different takedowns and their setups.

By incorporating these takedown techniques into your arsenal, you’ll be able to dictate where the fight takes place and exploit your opponent’s weaknesses. Remember, practice makes perfect, and mastering the art of the takedown can be your ticket to victory in UFC 5.

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