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Discord is an app many a gamer use thanks to how easy it is to use for various things. With it, people who use Discord can have voice chats with others and even stream their gameplay through it without using third-party software.

Thanks to Discord’s integration with various gaming consoles, gamers can now use Discord to talk to their friends through the app. Microsoft even took the integration a step further; it allowed gamers to stream Xbox games through the app directly from an Xbox console. 

With Microsoft allowing the streaming of Xbox games through Discord from their Xbox consoles, can PlayStation 5 users do the same with their console?

Can You Stream PS5 Games Directly to Discord?

Unfortunately, the ability to stream PS5 games via Discord from a PS5 console has yet to come. As such, it is impossible to do so as of press time. PS5 users will need to find another way if they want to stream PS5 games through Discord.

Thankfully, there are other ways to stream PS5 games via Discord, and it won’t need third-party software.

Streaming PS5 Games via Discord (Remote Play)

To stream PS5 games through Discord, PS5 users need to download, install, and set up PS Remote Play on their PC or Mac. According to the official PlayStation website, PS5 users only need to follow the on-screen instructions to install the app. 

After this, PS5 users need to set up their console for remote play. To do so, they must go to Settings > System > Remote Play, then switch on Enable Remote Play. Note that an internet connection is required for PS5 users to set up remote play.

Next, PS5 users need to open the PS Remote Play app, log into their PSN account, and connect their PS5 controller to their computer via USB or Bluetooth. Selecting their PS5 console and clicking “Start” on the Remote Play app will begin remote play.

Next, PS5 users need to have Discord open and select Share Screen on the server or Direct Message they want to stream toThey would then have to select the appropriate window for PS Remote Play to start streaming PS5 games through Discord. 

Streaming PS5 Games via Discord (Capture Card)

The previously mentioned method is the only way to stream PS5 games via Discord without using third-party software as of press time. Unfortunately, only time will tell if Sony will also allow the streaming of PS5 games through Discord directly from the console itself, like in Xbox consoles.

PS5 users must keep in mind that while the Remote Play method is the easy way to stream PS5 games, it’s not the ideal setup for fast-paced games and those that take up a lot of memory, per Sorta Techy. To stream such games comfortably, PS5 users may want to consider getting a capture card. 

To stream PS5 games via Discord using a capture card, PS5 users would need to follow these instructions:

  1. Connect your PS5 to the capture card’s HDMI “out” port
  2. Connect your computer to the capture card’s USB “out” port
  3. Plug in your capture card to an outlet if necessary
  4. Install the capture card’s software on your computer
  5. Open the capture card’s software and configure the device’s settings, such as resolution and frame rate.
  6. Open Discord
  7. Go to the server/direct message you want to stream to
  8. Click on Share Screen and select the window for the capture card’s software to begin streaming.

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