How to Slide in Payday 3: Guide 1

Payday 3, the latest entry in the renowned Payday series, introduces several new mechanics and features to enhance the gameplay experience. One such feature is the ability to slide, allowing players to navigate the environment more dynamically.

How to Slide in Payday 3

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to perform a slide in Payday 3, enabling you to move around with added agility.

Entering Combat Mode

To initiate a slide, you first need to be in combat mode or in the middle of an assault. This requires putting on your mask. You can do this by holding the “G” key. Be aware that doing so will aggro everyone in the vicinity, making it essential to use this feature strategically.

Initiating a Slide

Once your mask is on, and you are in combat mode, you can start the process to slide. Begin by sprinting; you can do this by holding the “Shift” key. While sprinting, press the “Spacebar” to jump.

Executing the Slide

After jumping while sprinting, press and hold the “Ctrl” key while you are in the air. This action will execute the slide, allowing you to move quickly and evade obstacles or enemies more effectively. The sequence is: Sprint (Shift) → Jump (Spacebar) → Slide (Ctrl).

Sliding in Payday 3 is a dynamic way to navigate through the game environment, especially during combat situations. By putting on your mask to enter combat mode, sprinting, jumping, and then sliding, you can utilize this feature to enhance your mobility and gameplay experience.

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