How to Play Payday 3 Solo: Guide 1

Payday 3, with its intense heists and strategic gameplay, offers a thrilling experience for players. While teaming up with other players can enhance the experience, sometimes you might prefer to tackle the challenges solo.

How to Play Payday 3 Solo

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to play Payday 3 solo, allowing you to enjoy the heists at your own pace.

Setting Up a Solo Heist

Once you are in the main menu, navigate to the “Heist” option and select it. Choose the heist you wish to undertake. After selecting the heist, set your lobby type to “Invite Only.” This setting ensures that your game remains private, and other players cannot join your lobby unless invited.

Initiating Matchmaking

After setting the lobby type to “Invite Only,” click on “Matchmake.” This action will lead you to a screen where you can customize your loadout and make any necessary adjustments to your equipment and settings.

Starting the Heist

Once you have customized your loadout and are ready to start the heist, click on “Ready.” This will initiate the game, and you will enter the heist with AI teammates. Currently, there is no option to remove AI from your team, so they will accompany you in the heist, providing support as you navigate through the challenges.

Playing Payday 3 solo is a simple process involving setting up a private heist, initiating matchmaking, customizing your loadout, and starting the game. By following these steps, you can enjoy the thrilling heists of Payday 3 at your own pace, with AI teammates assisting you in your endeavors.

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