Payday 3, the thrilling sequel to Payday 2, immerses players in a world of heists and high-stakes action. Today, we’re focusing on a guide that will help you level up your weapons and skill points swiftly.

This guide is based on a strategy involving the Dirty Ice Heist, which can be approached in various ways, including stealth and smash and grab.

How to Level Up Fast in Payday 3

To level up swiftly, you’ll want to focus on the Dirty Ice Heist. This heist can be done solo but is fastest with a crew of at least three players. The strategy involves either going loud immediately or using stealth to complete the heist on normal difficulty.

Character Build

For efficiency, your build should consist of speed skills predominantly. Essential skills include Infiltrator, Quick Fingers, Bagger, Escapist, and Swift.

Equip the standard lining for speed and the weapons you want to level. Also, bring along the ECM Jammer in your stealth equipment to save runs in case of slip-ups.

Executing the Heist

  • Mask up immediately and head down the back alley to the right side of the building.
  • Subdue any threats and access the rear of the store to take out cameras and tie down civilians.
  • Lockpick your way into the office to gain access to the PC and find the code for the basement.
  • After accessing the VIP area and obtaining the remaining codes, head downstairs, subdue the final guard, and grab the red key card after turning off the power.
  • This will allow you to open the vault with the large gem in it.
  • Secure all the loot value you need to escape, clearing the heist in under two minutes if you’re efficient.

This guide provides a quick and efficient method to level up your weapons and skills in Payday 3 by optimizing the Dirty Ice Heist.

Whether you prefer to play solo or in a group, following this strategy will earn you significant experience and cash, making it a fun and rewarding way to grind out levels.

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