How to Get Code in Dirty Ice Heist: Payday 3 Guide 1

Payday 3, the latest addition to the Payday series, offers players a variety of heists, each with its unique challenges and rewards.

In this guide, we will focus on the Dirty Ice heist, specifically on how to obtain the code for the door leading to the basement, a crucial step to successfully completing the heist.

How to Obtain the Basement Door Code in Dirty Ice Heist

Finding the QR Code

To get the code for the door in Dirty Ice, you first need a QR code from a phone. These phones can be located in different spots, one of which is in the alley. After ensuring no guards are nearby, lockpick the door to the alley and search the ground for a phone with a QR code. This QR code is essential for gaining access to the manager’s office.

Accessing the Manager’s Office

Once you have the QR code, use it to enter the manager’s office, where you will find a terminal with a hint for the basement code. The hint typically directs you to the ID number of the “Employee of the Month” frame located in the front room. This hint is crucial as the ID number serves as the access code to the basement.

Locating the Employee of the Month Frame

After obtaining the hint, head to the front room and locate the “Employee of the Month” frame. The frame will have a randomized number, which is the code you need to access the basement. For instance, if the frame has the number 7351, you will use this number to unlock the basement door.

Unlocking the Basement Door

Once you have the code, head to the basement door and input the number. This will grant you access to the basement, allowing you to progress further in the heist. Remember, the code is randomized each time, so relying on previous codes won’t work.

Obtaining the basement door code in the Dirty Ice heist is a straightforward process involving finding a QR code, accessing the manager’s office for a hint, locating the “Employee of the Month” frame for the code, and finally, unlocking the basement door. By following these steps, you can ensure smooth progression in the Dirty Ice heist in Payday 3.

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