UFC 5: How to Deny Transitions

UFC 5: How to Deny Transitions 1

UFC 5 has revamped its grappling system, making it more intuitive yet complex, and mastering the art of denying transitions is crucial for maintaining control in the octagon.

This guide will provide you with the essential tips and strategies to effectively deny transitions and dominate your opponents on the ground.

How to Effectively Deny Transitions in UFC 5

Denying transitions in UFC 5 requires quick reflexes and a keen eye for your opponent’s movements. Here’s how to master transition denials:

Basic Denial Mechanics:

Hold R2 (PS5), RT (Xbox) and push the right stick in the correct direction

To deny a transition, hold R2 (RT on Xbox) and flick the right stick in the correct direction. The direction you need to flick the stick depends on your opponent’s movement. Generally, you should flick the stick in the direction they are moving.

Common Positions and Denials

  • Full Guard (Bottom): Flick the stick in the direction of your opponent’s movement. Up to deny posture up, left or right to deny transitions to half guard.
  • Half Guard (Bottom): Watch your opponent’s body movement. Flick the stick left or right depending on the direction they move. This position can be mirrored, so pay close attention.
  • Full Guard (Top): Deny get-up attempts with up, and transitions to half guard with left or right, depending on their movement.
  • Half Guard (Top): Deny transitions to back sitting with left, transitions to full guard with right, and posture up with up. Remember, this position can also be mirrored.
  • Side Control (Top): The animations are quick, but try to flick the stick in the direction of their movement. Left or right to deny transitions, up to deny get-up attempts.

Tips for Success

  • Pay close attention to your opponent’s body movements. The direction of their movement usually indicates the direction you need to flick the stick.
  • Practice makes perfect. Spend time in practice mode to familiarize yourself with the animations and timings for each position.
  • Remember that some positions can be mirrored, which may flip the directions for denials. Always base your denials on your opponent’s movement, not a memorized direction.

By mastering transition denials in UFC 5, you’ll be able to maintain control on the ground, defend against submissions, and dictate the pace of the fight. Practice regularly, stay alert, and you’ll find yourself outgrappling your opponents in no time.

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