UFC 5: How to Defend Takedowns

UFC 5: How to Defend Takedowns 1

UFC 5 brings a plethora of new features and enhancements to the virtual octagon, ensuring a more immersive and realistic MMA experience.

One of the standout features is the Real Impact System, which introduces a new layer of strategy and realism to the fights, with injuries now affecting a fighter’s performance in real-time. This is particularly relevant when it comes to takedown defense, as a well-timed sprawl or counter can prevent potential damage and keep the fight standing.

In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of defending takedowns in UFC 5, ensuring you have the knowledge and skills to maintain control of the fight, no matter where it goes.

How to Defend Takedowns in UFC 5

Defending takedowns in UFC 5 is crucial for maintaining a dominant position in the fight and preventing your opponent from dictating the pace. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you master takedown defense:

Defending Single-Leg and Double-Leg Takedowns

Early Defense: As soon as you see your opponent shooting for a takedown, hold down both triggers (L2 + R2 on PlayStation or LT + RT on Xbox) to defend. If done early enough, you will throw your opponent off, preventing the takedown.

Late Defense: If you react a bit later, you will end up in a clinch position. From here, you can strike or attempt to break free. Be aware that your opponent can still attempt to turn the takedown, requiring you to quickly flick the left stick in the correct direction to defend.

Defending Takedown Drives

If a takedown is unsuccessful at first, it may still turn into a takedown drive. Your opponent can attempt to change the direction of the takedown drive. Pay attention to their movement and flick the left stick in the corresponding direction while holding down both triggers.

Stopping Takedowns On the Fence

Defending takedowns against the fence requires holding down both triggers. Be mindful of potential submissions like the standing Guillotine, which can be defended by holding down R2/RT.

Defending Back Clinch Takedowns

In the back clinch position, defend backpack attempts by holding R2/RT. For other takedowns, use both triggers. Pay attention to your opponent’s movements and react accordingly.

Stopping Leg Catch Takedowns

When your opponent catches your leg, hold down both triggers to defend against trips. If pushed towards the fence, be prepared for additional takedown attempts and defend using the triggers.

Back Clinch on the Fence

This position is trickier, with various takedowns and drags to defend against. Use R2/RT to defend against the backpack and both triggers for other takedowns. Pay attention to your opponent’s movements and react quickly.

By mastering these techniques and understanding the nuances of takedown defense in UFC 5, you’ll be able to maintain control of the fight and keep it on your terms. Practice these defenses, pay attention to your opponent’s movements, and you’ll find yourself successfully thwarting takedown attempts in no time.

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