Helldivers 2 players demand refunds amid “infuriating” server issues

Helldivers 2 players demand refunds amid "infuriating" server issues 1

Helldivers 2’s unprecedented success has become a double-edged sword for developers as players seek refunds due to server issues and unjust wait times. 

Only a week after its release, Helldivers 2 is now the most successful Playstation game released on PC. Developers behind the game, Arrowhead Game Studios, announced that the game’s massive success gave way for studio expansion and opened up the development of future updates and installations. 

Nevertheless, it seems like the devs must put their celebrations on hold as the game’s growing playerbase caused server issues, causing much dismay and disappointment in the community. The online multiplayer game repeatedly prompts “server capacity,” with some having to wait half an hour in the server queue. 

Helldivers 2 players demand refunds amid "infuriating" server issues 2

The server capacity issue has now swelled into a problem that leads some players to seek refunds. However, Steam’s two-hour play time limit for refunds seems to be the biggest roadblock for these infuriated users. 

Among the base standards for Steam’s refund policies is that a user must not exceed two game playing hours and must request a refund within two weeks of buying the title. But the 2-hour limit seems insufficient for the queue of the game alone, at least according to some players on Reddit. 

Thankfully, a player discovered a clause in the refund policies that Steam may honor after the Helldivers 2 server conundrum. A player shares that if users submit the request under “product is not as advertised” among the reasons for refund, they would likely be allowed to refund the game. 

The player details that users eager to return their Helldivers 2 title must describe their issue with the game and how it functions “differently as advertised.”

Hitting the refund button has been a popular option for players frustrated over the queue wait hours. Although some suggest that this doesn’t discount the game’s top-notch premise, it is still better to wait for Arrowhead Game Studios’ further plans for server improvement. 

Helldivers 2 players demand refunds amid "infuriating" server issues 3

The calls for refunds came after the developers’ announcement that capacity issues are still prominent “despite their best efforts to increase server size.

Loyal Helldivers 2 players could only wait for further improvements and hotfixes to fully enjoy the game without staring at the pesky queue screen for minutes. 

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