Helldivers 2 players call for “busted” weapon balance overhaul

Helldivers 2 players call for "busted" weapon balance overhaul 1

Less than two weeks after the successful release of Helldivers 2, players are calling for significant changes to the “busted and underpowered” weapons

Arrowhead Game Studios have tugged the right strings and struck gold with the highly acclaimed release of Helldivers 2. The game currently sits on the top of both Steam and PlayStation Network charts and is now the most successful release for a PlayStation game available on PC. 

However, the developers behind Helldivers 2 did not expect its massive success, as players continuously encounter server and log-in issues – even sparking calls for refunds. But for the lucky players who surmounted the server problem and got to experience the battlefield, there are still a few calls for in-game mechanics and weapon balancing. 

In a post on Reddit, a player expressed their disappointment with the game’s Balance. The player details that most weapons feel “underpowered,” leaving most Helldivers 2 players to choose between the shotgun or the railgun. 

The player is not alone in their sentiment, as many others took to the comment section to call for more changes in the game’s weapon system. One of the top comments calls for buffs of the HE 380mm, among other fan-favorite guns. 

Increased accuracy is among the most significant changes the playerbase is looking for. Some cited instances that some in-game guns are likelier to “hit teammates than the enemy.” 

Player-favorite guns such as the M-105 Stalwart and RS-422 Railgun are also unsafe with the calls for future patches. In another Reddit post, a player had a full-detail suggestion of weapon changes to the Helldivers 2 devs. 

Meanwhile, some players suggest that it’s better to enjoy the game with weapons you like using instead of solely “optimizing gameplay.” And that each weapon has different strengths for long-ranged damage, burst damage, or just shooting off pesky bugs on your team’s way. 

Should Helldivers 2 developers employ these changes soon, or should they give players more time to explore possibilities with current game settings? 

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