Helldivers 2 player “pissed” after solo mission turns into loot theft chaos

Helldivers 2 player "pissed" after solo mission turns into loot theft chaos 1

A Helldivers 2 player went on a solo mission until random teammates joined the lobby and ruined the experience.

Helldivers 2 is a cooperative multiplayer shoot ’em-up game developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This is the sequel to Helldivers, released back in 2015, which is a top-down shooter.

The game is set in a satirical dystopian future where players control characters who are part of an elite unit called “Helldivers” who are fighting for democracy to protect “Super Earth” from aliens. The players may participate in primary and secondary missions to liberate planets from enemies.

Players of Helldivers 2 may choose to play the missions by themselves or join lobbies with friends or random players. One Reddit user shared their experience when their solo mission was disrupted by randoms.

The player said that they were on a mission, collecting rare (orange) samples while doing their side objectives. Two random players then joined the lobby, with one of them coming up to the original poster. This player then proceeded to melee and drop a bomb, ultimately killing the player and picking up the dropped samples.

They didn’t know if the random did it intentionally, as both medals and samples are shared for the entire party. The Reddit user understood that there are people who would grief in a game, but this encounter pissed them off, especially when they want to play with others.

Another Helldiver suggested kicking the random players if they ever encounter one again. They also shared that if all players are dead at the same time but have reinforcements left, everyone will respawn. In this scenario, if the random players left or were kicked, the dead player would be called in or respawned. They then reminded others to exercise discretion and avoid kicking players who don’t deserve it.

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A player shared their own tip to avoid losing samples in the higher-difficulty missions. Their team would plan to swing back at the extraction zone halfway through the mission so they could drop off their samples.

Helldivers 2 is definitely one of the most popular games on Steam at the moment. If you’re new to the game, do check out our beginner’s guide with tips and tricks to help you out!

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