Helldivers 2 devs to tackle AFK players crowding servers with new boot rule

helldivers 2 queue screen

Helldivers 2 developers have hinted at action against AFK players crowding the game’s servers.

Helldivers 2 is a multiplayer shoot ’em-up game by Arrowhead Game Studios released on February 8, 2024. Players rally together to complete missions on various planets and face against the aliens. The only problem is that many of the players can’t even get inside the servers due to AFK Helldivers.

These players who go AFK want to stay inside the server, so they wouldn’t need to battle against waiting times. They have been urged by others to log out due to the server capacity issues.

A fan recently replied to Johan Pilestedt, CEO of Arrowhead and Creative Director of Helldivers 2, suggesting that the game needed to kick players who have been AFK for ten minutes or more. The CEO hinted that this feature will be added to the game.

Another player shared their opinion: “If you could kick the non-playing server squatters that would be great.” Pilestedt replied to this, stating that their Helldivers 2 team is currently working on it. They added that this might come in the next patch.

While others asked when this patch would come, some have complained of spending 60 dollars on a game they had for three days that won’t be playable for another week or two. They shared that it’s been two weeks for a patch and three days without server updates, sharing that it’s not looking good for Helldivers 2. In reply to the complaint, another X user said that the game has been playable the entire time but has been experiencing server issues.

Some players noticed that the servers were still maxed out. They were able to play for an hour but ended up getting kicked, leaving them stuck in the queue. They expressed that the game needs more servers as it’s not fair for the consumers if they aren’t able to use the product they paid for.

A Reddit user suggested setting the AFK time limit to 30 minutes and adding a verification message, “You are about to be kicked: enter [random stratagem pattern] to stay connected.” They stated that without a system like this, players will find a way to move a little in order to stay on the server.

The Helldivers 2 team had promised to have a feature like this in the next patch, and players can only wait until the time comes. The team has been very active on social media platforms and constantly engaging with the fans.

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