Forza Motorsport reveal by Turn 10 Studios


  • Turn 10 Studios announces a 60 FPS frame rate lock for Forza Motorsport’s multiplayer modes, sparking outrage among fans.
  • Players on social media and forums question the studio’s decision, leading some to cancel their pre-orders.
  • Speculations arise that the frame rate lock could be masking inconsistencies in the game’s physics engine.

Forza Motorsport, the highly anticipated racing game from Turn 10 Studios, has recently come under fire for its decision to lock frame rates at 60 FPS in PC multiplayer modes.

This move has led to a wave of criticism and even cancellations of pre-orders. Let’s delve into the details and the community’s reaction.

Turn 10 Studios announced that the frame rates for Forza Motorsport’s multiplayer modes would be locked at 60 FPS on PC. The studio justified this decision by stating it aims to “ensure a consistent and competitive online racing experience for all players across a variety of PC hardware configurations and the Xbox Series X|S consoles.”

The announcement has not been well-received, with fans taking to social media and forums to express their dissatisfaction. Comments range from calling the decision “absolute nonsense” to questioning how such decisions are being made in 2023. Some fans have even gone as far as to cancel their pre-orders.

Some players speculate that the frame rate lock might be an excuse to cover up inconsistencies in the game’s physics engine. This speculation is fueled by analyses that show frame rates have a significant impact on gameplay and physics.

The frame rate lock decision has left many wondering if Turn 10 Studios is truly in touch with its most invested players. As the game is set to be released on October 10, it remains to be seen if the studio will reconsider its stance in light of the backlash.

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