Fnatic Triumphs in Sparkball Ascension Invitational Tournament 1

Fnatic swept the field at the Sparkball Ascension Invitational, a tournament held by Worldspark Studios today.

Taking home a grand prize of $8,000, Fnatic paved the way for an electrifying launch of Sparkball’s early access phase, slated to commence next weekend.

Tournament Overview

Fnatic’s victory at the tournament, held one week ahead of the game’s early access launch, has sparked a blaze of excitement around Sparkball. Described as a “mobrawler” amalgam of “League of Legends meets Rocket League”, Sparkball offered fans a first look at its competitive edge with the Ascension Invitational.

The tournament witnessed participation from heavyweight eSports organizations, including G2 Esports, Cloud9, Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, NRG, Spacestation Gaming, Fnatic, Heretics, Method, and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

In a rapid-fire sequence of matches, each organization showed off its capabilities, but it was Fnatic who came out on top, solidifying its dominance over Sparkball’s field of play.

Group Stages Breakdown

In the group stages, the teams fought tooth and nail for dominance. Fnatic Sparkball and NRG Sparkball came out on top, each with an impressive clean slate of 5-0-0, securing 15 points apiece and demonstrating the prowess of their Sparkball teams.

Method and Spacestation Gaming trailed slightly behind, each clinching 12 points with a 4-0-1 standing. Cloud9 Sparkballerz and Heretics Sparkball followed with nine points each, while EG Sparkball and Team Liquid Sparkball amassed six points. Bringing up the rear were Ninjas in Pyjamas Sparkball and G2 Sparkball, managing to rack up three points each.

Fnatic Triumphs in Sparkball Ascension Invitational Tournament 2

Playoffs and Final Confrontation

Moving into the playoffs, the competition escalated to a fever pitch. NRG Sparkball defeated Method in a heated encounter while Fnatic continued their unstoppable run, triumphing over Spacestation Gaming. These wins set the stage for the electrifying final match between Fnatic and NRG.

Despite NRG’s formidable performance throughout the tournament, Fnatic Sparkball’s unwavering consistency proved to be unstoppable. Fnatic clinched victory in the finale, securing the top spot and the grand prize of $8,000.

Method, despite losing to NRG in the playoffs, managed to redeem themselves in a face-off against Spacestation Gaming, securing third place and the $3,500 prize.

Fnatic Triumphs in Sparkball Ascension Invitational Tournament 3

Post-Tournament Outlook and Early Access Anticipation

The success of the Ascension Invitational has left fans and gamers eagerly awaiting the early access launch of Sparkball. As Chandler Thomlison, founder, and CEO at Worldspark, puts it, seeing the game being played competitively by favorite organizations would likely drive players to embrace Sparkball and stick with it.

“This tournament (and EA weekend) helps determine if the last seven years was worth it or not as we are completely out of money, relying solely on this tournament and EA weekend to prove to VCs this is a game worth investing in,” Thomlison stated.

“Our ENTIRE marketing budget was spent recruiting your orgs to play and help us refer people for the weekend itself because we felt that was the best way for people to take Sparkball seriously.”

With its unique “mobrawler” appeal and a successful tournament under its belt, Sparkballs’ early access launch is set to be a significant event not just for gaming and esports fans but for Worldspark, as well.

Register now on Steam to participate in Sparkball’s early access weekend will take place from June 30 to July 3.

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