Finji unveils Usual June: A new dimension in action-adventure gaming 1

At The Game Awards 2023, Finji, a renowned indie game studio, unveiled their latest project, “Usual June,” captivating the audience with its striking art style and intriguing premise.

Known for their work on acclaimed titles like “Tunic” and “Chicory,” Finji’s “Usual June” is set to be a third-person action-adventure game, promising a blend of engaging gameplay and a deep narrative.

“Usual June” tells the story of June, a girl balancing her summer break with the task of saving the universe. The game features June and her ghostly friends as they delve into the secret history of their town, exploring a shattered multi-dimensional continuum and facing off against spectral creatures.

This mix of coming-of-age story elements with supernatural heroics is set to offer players both frantic combat and downtime for character interaction, blending action with more relaxed, story-driven segments.

The game is described as having a witty cast and an original conspiracy story that balances being terrifying, funny, and sweet. Its unique visual style, reminiscent of the Spider-Verse animated films, adds to the game’s charm, making it one of the standout titles showcased at the event.

Finji unveils Usual June: A new dimension in action-adventure gaming 2

Developed by the FINJI Development Team under the creative direction of Adam Saltsman, known for “Overland” and “Canabalt,” and in collaboration with the narrative team at Sweet Baby Inc., “Usual June” is gearing up to be an exciting addition to the indie game scene.

The game also features BAFTA-winning audio director Adam Hay, known for his work on “Dreams” and “Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture,” ensuring a high-quality auditory experience.

“Usual June” is currently in development for PC and is slated for a 2025 release, with a Steam wishlist already available for interested players. This announcement not only adds to Finji’s impressive portfolio but also heightens anticipation for what promises to be a unique and captivating gaming experience

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