Payday 3 brings a plethora of heists and challenges for players eager to amass wealth in the world of high-stakes crime.

In this guide, we will delve into the most efficient way to farm money in Payday 3, focusing on the Road Rage Heist, a seemingly challenging but lucrative mission that can yield up to 1 million spending cash in less than 10 minutes.

How to Farm Cash Fast in Payday 3

Road Rage Heist, an Army transport-escort mission, is currently the easiest and most efficient way to farm money in Payday 3.

The payout is dictated by the difficulty level, with Overkill offering just over one million and Very Hard paying out around 800,000. Despite the increased difficulty, mastering the strategy for this heist on Overkill is well worth the extra 200,000 per run.

Optimizing Your Strategy

Running this heist with a team is ideal due to the hectic spawn logic and potential roadblocks. Memorizing the spawn locations of all potential transport roadblocks and setting up correctly will make the heist significantly easier.

Once the van is EMPed, control it and clear the area around it. It will take about two minutes to get the van to the platform, where you will drill your way in and start pick-locking the lock boxes.

Grabbing the materials will trigger Bile’s spawn, and moving the loot and setting up the scaffolding will get you home free.

Maximizing Your Earnings

With an efficient team, it’s possible to complete this heist in under seven minutes, earning you $1,046,010, which equates to almost $9 million per hour. This is especially beneficial if you aim to access powerful $20 million preset weapons like the VF7S.

The Road Rage Heist provides players with a consistent and efficient method for money farming in Payday 3. By mastering the strategy for this heist, players can maximize their earnings and enjoy the benefits of the lucrative payouts, making it a go-to choice for those looking to amass wealth quickly in the game.

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