Escape The Backrooms update brings new thrills with 9 levels and fresh mechanics 1

There’s nothing like a horror co-op game you spend laughing (or fearing your life) with your friends. If you enjoy games like Lethal Company and Phasmophobia, you’re in for a treat with the new update for Escape The Backrooms.

With the whole gaming community raving about horror co-op games thanks to Lethal Company, many players are searching for the next game with the same thrill-and-comedy combo. This two-year-old indie game proves that the genre is no one-hit wonder.

While Escape The Backrooms fell off the radar for a few months, it’s back with a bang with its latest update. The recent release garnered new fans and had previous gamers revisit the experience.

With nine new levels and a handful of new mechanics, Escape the Backrooms is ready to chase (and shock) its way back to your heart.

What is Escape the Backrooms?

Escape the Backrooms is a 1-4 player co-op horror game that was initially released in August 2022. It draws inspiration from the famous Creepypasta tale of the other dimension, which is dubbed the backrooms.

The early-access version of the game initially consists of eight levels, each featuring an eerie atmosphere that will surely bring a chill down your spine.

Its first level features the iconic 4chan photo that sparked the lore of backrooms and everything related to liminal spaces. You’ll work your way out of the level, entering random doors and deciphering puzzle combinations, leading you to a level with a new atmosphere and mechanic.

Escape The Backrooms update brings new thrills with 9 levels and fresh mechanics 2
The first level of Escape the Backrooms, known as The Lobby

More than the nerve-wracking discomfort liminal spaces may bring you, the game also features plenty of classic jumpscares and creepers. Among its most thrilling frights is the Skin Stealer – an entity that could pose as your friend only to devour your character in close proximity.

Escape the Backrooms garnered very positive reviews on Steam, with over 16,000 concurrent players during its peak. However, some players felt that the ending felt hanging and craved more levels and new mechanics.

Escape The Backrooms Update 4 with New Levels

The long-awaited update rolled out on January 26, featuring nine new levels and plenty of new mechanics, perfect for a bone-chilling game night with friends.

Escape The Backrooms update brings new thrills with 9 levels and fresh mechanics 3

One of the best additions to the game is the heart-pounding Hotel Chase level. This level requires you to dash through cramped hotel corridors and avoid obstacles and doors while Clumps, a terrifying entity, runs at full speed behind you. Combined with the adrenaline-inducing music, this mechanic makes a memorable level that adds a new flavor to the entire Backrooms genre.

The balloon-carrying entity we know and love, known as the Partygoers, also makes a return in the Partypooper School level. Spoiler ahead: This time around, you wouldn’t need to be silent in their immediate surroundings. Instead, you’ll have to hide under tables to escape their watchful vision.

Escape The Backrooms update brings new thrills with 9 levels and fresh mechanics 4

If you’re new to the game, this is the perfect time to grab your copy with your friends. In celebration of the new update, Escape the Backrooms is now available with a 20% discount on Steam until February 2, 2024.

It’s never too early in the year to spend a night of fright and a thrilling escape!

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