Elden Ring DLC release date has fans on edge 1

The owner of FromSoftware revealed it is working hard to develop the game’s upcoming DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree.

A now-deleted post from the r/Eldenring subreddit leaked that Kadokawa Corporation, FromSoftware’s owner, announced during its Q3 Earnings Results that the latter is allegedly focusing on developing Elden Ring’s DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree. However, Kadokawa reportedly mentioned it “cannot announce the release date” of Shadow of the Erdtree during its report. 

According to the original poster, u/hsuhs, the report’s official English translation seemingly altered the intended meaning as the Japanese version said, “cannot announce the release date.” They further explained that Kadokawa’s statement could mean that FromSoftware will either release Elden Ring’s DLC soon or it could do so at a much later time. 

However, another Reddit user, u/OverRecommendation40, commented that Kadokawa’s report didn’t say “cannot announce” at all. According to them (and their fluency in both English and Japanese), Kadokawa’s report in Japanese says that it is “currently earnestly working on the development of the Elden Ring DLC, but [it] currently has not published the release date yet.” 

Elden Ring DLC release date has fans on edge 2
Photo Credit: FromSoftware | Bandai Namco

Elden Ring fans may recall that FromSoftware has yet to announce a release date for the DLC, but a PCGamesN report stated that the developer could release it sometime in late 2024. On the other hand, information leaked in December 2023 hinted that FromSoftware could release Shadow of the Erdtree sometime in February 2024, per Screen Rant

Nevertheless, the bottom line message is clear: FromSoftware is still working on Shadow of the Erdtree, and it’s not ready to give a release date yet. Only time can tell if FromSoft will release a general release date or even a trailer in the immediate future.

The leaked information dampened fans’ anticipation and excitement about Shadow of the Erdtree. FromSoftware announced the DLC’s development in February 2023 and has yet to reveal more information about it since then. 

Some fans said that FromSoftware wants to make sure Shadow of the Erdtree is up to scratch when it’s released. Others are not as optimistic – they commented they wouldn’t hold their breath for a FromSoftware announcement about the DLC anytime soon. 

With Elden Ring’s second anniversary coming up and FromSoftware’s announcement being almost a year old, it’s worth speculating that the developer could reveal something soon. However, Elden Ring fans should take such leaks and speculation with a grain of salt until FromSoftware officially announces information about Shadow of the Erdtree.

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