Destiny 2 armor for Season 22 (Bungie)

Destiny 2’s upcoming Season 22 is sprouting new life with its plant-themed armor, and it’s also teasing the return of The Witch Queen, Savathûn. The new season is set to be unveiled at the Bungie showcase on August 22, 2023.

  • Bungie reveals wooden-themed armor sets for Destiny 2 Season 22.
  • The season will explore the Guardians’ pursuit of the Witness and their involvement with Savathun.
  • New features include Exotic missions, buffs to underutilized Exotics, a new Hand Cannon archetype, and more.
  • A reprised raid, possibly Crota’s End, is also arriving in Season 22.

The new armor sets for Destiny 2’s Season 22 have been unveiled by Bungie, showcasing a unique wooden theme. The image of the armor sets also hints at an environment similar to Savathun’s Throne World, possibly indicating where the Guardians are headed.

The caption of the image, “The Witch Queen must rise,” reiterates Savathun’s return to the game, possibly achieved after interacting with her Ghost, Immaru. This comes after the events of Lightfall, where the Guardians were seemingly clueless about the Witness’s whereabouts. An old ally, Sloane, resurfaced to help the Guardians, introducing them to a sea creature named Ahsa, who revealed information about the Witness’s origins.

Season 22 will introduce a plethora of changes to the game, including an Exotic Mission Rotator that will bring back fan-favorite missions like Presage and Vox Obscura. Bungie is also looking to buff underutilized Exotics to encourage more build crafting in the community. Additionally, players will get a new Hand Cannon archetype with burst-fire capabilities, and the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Scout Rifle will be craftable starting Season 22.

Bungie also recently unveiled Season 22 Artifact Mods, along with new sandbox features called Elemental Orbs for Arc, Void, and Solar subclasses. These orbs, inspired by Strand Tangles, allow Guardians to throw them towards enemies to Jolt, Scorch, or make them Volatile.

Destiny 2’s Season 22 is shaping up to be an exciting chapter in the game’s ongoing saga, with the new plant-themed armor and the teased return of The Witch Queen adding intrigue and anticipation.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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