Clash of Clans players call out Builder Base for “messy” matchmaking issues

Clash of Clans players call out Builder Base for "messy" matchmaking issues 1

A Clash of Clans player calls out the Builder Base matchmaking system after being attacked by the same player three times in a row. 

With 12 years of dominating the mobile strategy game scene, Clash of Clans grew far from simply being a “gold-collecting” base with Dragons and P.E.K.K.A.s. Aside from having your main base, CoC players now have an extra second base that can help improve the quality of life in your primary base. 

The Builder Base is accessed by Townhall 4 and above players by clicking the shoreside boat on the lower left side of your home base. The area is introduced as “the home of the Master Builder” and lets you improve your defenses and even have a second builder! 

However, despite the rewards and the “no training time” mechanic of the Builder Base, it seems like only a few players are keen to make the most out of this side of Clash of Clans. In a post on Reddit, a CoC player released their frustration after being attacked by the same player three times in a row. 

The player then expounds that aside from the chaotic matchmaking system, the Builder Base game mode also suffers from skewed unit mechanics and a faulty reward system for successful attacks. 

Nonetheless, fellow Clash of Clans players came up with a half-serious conclusion about how and why the same player ravaged the original poster’s village three times – they’re the only ones still playing with their Builder Bases.

byu/Vexzor1 from discussion

Unlike your usual CoC home village, the Builder Base suffers slow progress due to low currency (Builder Gold and Builder Elixir) rewards. Some players opt out of improving their second bases after “gearing up” their primary base defenses and getting their sixth builders. 

Meanwhile, some players chose to focus and poke fun at the mysterious attacker’s improvement on their consecutive attacks, with each attempt resulting in higher percentage damage and more stars. 

Based on the most recent announcement from Clash of Clans devs, there are no plans to improve the Builder Base mechanics in the near future. Instead, Super Cell promises its loyal player base more content and ways to enjoy the game even if your upgrade time becomes longer than your patience. 

Whether or not players enjoy playing with a secondary village is entirely a matter of taste and enjoyment. Still, we highly suggest working on your Builder Base to improve your home village’s defenses, and work speed and even collect occasional gems without costing you your hard-earned money.

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