Coilhead in Lethal Company (By: BaconDragon)

The Lethal Company community is abuzz with reactions to a bizarre bug affecting the Coilhead enemy.

The bizarre glitch has been highlighted in a video by Wurps, which showcases the Coilhead exhibiting unusually aggressive and erratic behavior, leading to both amusement and frustration among players.

In the video, Wurps and his team encounter Coilheads that display almost supernatural abilities, teleporting behind players and demonstrating an immunity to attacks.

These Coilheads, usually a manageable threat in the game, have turned into formidable adversaries due to the bug, creating chaotic and intense gameplay scenarios. One clip shows a Coilhead performing what Wurps describes as a “Shadow step,” catching the players off guard and leading to frantic reactions.

The community’s response to this bug has been mixed. While some players find the heightened challenge and unpredictability amusing, others express concern over the bug’s impact on gameplay.

Comments on the video and Reddit reflect this divide, with one player noting, “The coilhead speed is absolutely a glitch, they’re not like that at all usually,” and another adding, “this video made me realize that I haven’t faced a coilhead in the new update yet, that movement is insane LOL. Surely that’s not intentional?”

Wurps’ video has led to further investigation into the bug, with updates indicating that it might be related to the GameMaster plugin.

“Lethal Company,” known for its co-op survival horror gameplay, requires players to navigate a post-apocalyptic world filled with dangers. The game’s appeal lies in its blend of teamwork, strategy, and survival elements. However, bugs like the Coilhead glitch can significantly alter the intended experience, challenging the developers to address these issues promptly.

The Coilhead bug in “Lethal Company” has brought attention to the importance of game maintenance and community feedback in the gaming industry. While some players enjoy the unexpected challenge, others are calling for a fix to ensure a balanced and enjoyable gaming experience.

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