Best Stealth Build in Payday 3: Guide 1

In the world of Payday 3, stealth is a crucial element that can make or break a heist. Having the right build can significantly enhance your stealth capabilities, allowing you to navigate through heists more efficiently.

Creating an Optimal Stealth Build in Payday 3

This guide will walk you through creating an optimal stealth build, focusing on skills, tools, and weapons that enhance your stealth gameplay.

Choosing Weapons and Armor

For primary weapons, the choice is flexible, but the zip commando is a solid option due to its speed. Secondary weapons are also flexible as they are mainly for loud scenarios. Keep the standard lining for armor as it offers the fastest possible movement speed. For throwables, the throwing knife is the best option for stealth as it synergizes well with certain skills.

Selecting Tools

Microcams are preferred for their utility, but motion sensors can also be used based on personal preference. ECMs are currently considered weak and are not recommended.

Optimizing Skills

  • Infiltrator Haste and Quick Fingers: These skills are crucial for stealth. They allow you to gain Rush when picking a lock or killing an enemy with a throwing knife, enabling immediate lock picking, which is especially useful for quick escapes.
  • Grifter and Walk the Walk: These skills are beneficial for maintaining Rush, especially at the start of heists, and can effectively disable cameras when Rush is active.
  • Social Engineering and Open Mic: These are decent skills that can help in situations where employees might detect illegal actions, but they are not essential.
  • Hacker Tree Skills: This tree is vital for stealth builds. Secure Loop allows you to move cameras, Glitch Control can interrupt guards who detect you, and With Strategies enables marking additional targets and longer mark durations.

Executing Stealth Actions

Once your build is set up, utilize your skills to navigate through heists efficiently. Use your ability to hack cameras and interrupt guards strategically, maintain Rush to disable cameras and perform actions quickly, and mark targets to keep track of enemy movements.

Creating an optimal stealth build in Payday 3 involves careful selection of weapons, tools, and skills. By focusing on skills that enhance stealth actions and maintaining Rush, players can execute heists with increased efficiency and effectiveness, making the stealth approach a rewarding experience.

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