Best Sniper Loud Build in Payday 3: Guide 1

Payday 3, renowned for its intense and strategic gameplay, allows players to experiment with various builds to enhance their performance in heists.

Crafting the Best Loud Build in Payday 3

In this guide, we will focus on creating a loud build that primarily utilizes the new effect, Edge, to maximize damage and maintain sustainability during heists.

Focus on the Edge Effect

This build revolves around the Edge effect, which can be obtained and maintained by consistently landing headshots. The gameplay strategy involves scoping for 1.5 seconds to gain Edge and then maintaining it by constantly landing headshots with sharpshooting.

Selecting Skills

  • Mortar Tree Skills: Opt for recoil handling, ammo funnel, and replenish. These skills are crucial for maintaining sustainability during heists.
  • Sharpshooter Tree Skills: Go deep into this tree and grab long shot and cutting shot. If you prefer speed aim, you can swap either recoil handling or long shot for it.

Choosing Equipment

  • Armor: Use the medium ballistic vest on higher difficulties and light ballistic vest on lower difficulties for increased mobility.
  • Throwables and Tools: These are flexible, and you can choose based on your preference. However, grenades are a solid choice for throwables, and microcams are recommended for the tool.
  • Weapons: Opt for sniper attachments like the express muzzle brake, Viewpoint side, attack grip, and the cylinder grip. For the revolver, choose the CQC Barrel, hardwood grip, and the skeletonized compensator.

Executing the Build

Once your build is set up, the goal is to gain the Edge effect by scoping and maintain it by landing headshots. Avoid taking ammo bags and century turrets as they are not beneficial with this build. Instead, opt for doctor bags or armor bags based on your preference.

Creating a loud build in Payday 3 that utilizes the Edge effect can significantly enhance your damage output and sustainability in heists. By selecting the appropriate skills, equipment, and executing the strategy effectively, you can dominate the battlefield and lead your team to success.

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