Top 5 Cars to Buy First in Forza Motorsport: Guide 1

Forza Motorsport boasts a vast collection of cars, but which ones should you prioritize? This guide highlights the top five cars you should consider adding to your garage early on.

1. 1982 Ferrari #72 N.A.R.T. 512 BB/LM

A must-have for any racer, this Ferrari stands out in the R-Class races. With a price tag of 292,000 credits, it offers a balanced performance with impressive speed, handling, and acceleration. Its versatility allows it to be adjusted for S-Class races as well.

2. 2018 Volkswagen #22 Experian Racing Golf GTI

Dominating the Touring Car Series, this Volkswagen is a favorite among racers. Priced at 269,000 credits, its turbocharged acceleration and excellent handling make it a top choice for competitive racing.

3. 1971 Lotus Elan Sprint

For those who enjoy racing in the lower classes, the Lotus Elan Sprint is a gem. Available for just 54,000 credits, this rear-wheel-drive car offers a balanced performance suitable for E, D, and C class races.

4. 1976 Ferrari #1 Scuderia Ferrari 312 T2

A personal favorite for many, this F1-style open-wheel racer is a beast in the R-Series. With a 9.9 acceleration rating and a cost of 323,000 credits, it’s a worthy investment for those looking to dominate the tracks.

5. A Tie Between Two Stars

  • 1999 Lamborghini Diablo GTR: A versatile car that can be adjusted for various race classes. With a speed rating of 6.7 and a price of 283,000 credits, it’s a solid choice for those looking for a blend of performance and aesthetics.
  • 2023 Lotus Emira: A modern addition to the Forza lineup, this car is balanced and visually appealing. Priced at 113,000 credits, it’s a more affordable option with potential for both B and A class races.

Choosing the right car in Forza Motorsport 8 can set the tone for your racing journey. Whether you’re looking for speed, handling, or a blend of both, these top picks offer a great starting point.

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