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Forza Motorsport, the popular racing game, has recently come under scrutiny from its player base for what many describe as a lack of race etiquette.

Players are expressing their dissatisfaction with the game’s current penalty system, which they believe doesn’t adequately penalize those who intentionally ram other players off the road.

One player shared their experience, stating, “races are terrible, people will take any opportunity to ram you off the road.” They further elaborated on the need for a reworked penalty system, suggesting that players who engage in such behavior shouldn’t maintain high safety ratings.

Another player recounted a particularly frustrating race where they were rammed off course twice by the same opponent. Despite this aggressive behavior, the offender finished in 4th place and received only a minor penalty. The player lamented, “They finished 4th and only had a couple seconds penalty despite knocking me into last place twice.”

However, not all players share this sentiment. Some have had positive experiences with the game’s online racing. One user commented, “For me I’ve never had such a great experience racing online… everyone is always racing clean, never thought I’d see it on a console.”

Another player with an A safety rating mentioned that they rarely encounter rammers or intentional accidents. They said, “I’ve done about 12 online races now and haven’t seen anything malicious.”

While opinions vary, it’s clear that many players feel the game’s penalty system could use some adjustments to ensure a fair and enjoyable racing experience for all.

Sometimes, it seems like Forza Motorsport is more about dodging reckless drivers than actual racing. Buckle up, racers!

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