Forza Motorsport players baffled by AI's endless fuel supply 1

Forza Motorsport has always been a game that prides itself on realism, from the intricate details of each car to the realistic physics of the tracks. However, players have recently discovered a quirk that seems to defy the laws of physics: the game’s AI doesn’t consume any fuel during races.

A player recently shared their experience after completing a 45-minute endurance race. While they had to pit once for fuel, the AI competitors didn’t stop at all, leading to jokes about the AI running on “prototype nuclear engines.”

This isn’t just a one-off occurrence; other players have chimed in with similar experiences, noting that while the AI does pit for tire changes, they seem to have an endless supply of fuel.

One user pointed out that before the start of a race, the AI’s fuel and tire stats are displayed. In one instance, the AI had enough fuel for 43 laps in a 3-lap race. Yet, their performance remained consistent, as if they were only carrying fuel for those three laps.

This has led to some players rethinking their strategies for custom races. While some have tried to enforce mandatory pit stops, others have found that this doesn’t solve the problem. The AI still only changes tires during these stops, and their pit times are noticeably quicker than players who also need to refuel.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time players have encountered such issues. Some have noted that previous versions of the game had similar problems, leading to questions about the game’s development and whether it was truly “built from the ground up.”

In the world of competitive racing, every second counts, and having to pit for fuel can make or break a race. It remains to be seen how the game’s developers will address this issue, but for now, players might just have to accept that the AI has some secret fuel-saving technology up its sleeve.

Who knows, maybe the AI has discovered the secret to infinite energy. Now, if only they’d share it with the rest of us!

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