Fortnite Season 2 Teaser

After a long wait, Epic Games has rolled out the first teaser for the second chapter of Fortnite Season 2.

Late last night, messages started to be revealed; not in the game, but in real life. The main sign was seen in Sao Paulo, Brazil, recorded by YouTuber FlakesPower. It displays a creepy golden handprint over the Fortnite logo. It also shows a phone number on the screen which, when called, you can hear faint communications.

The US phone number is (213) 262-0993, decrypted by @HappyPower on Twitter. When called, the following message is said:

“Agency recruitment drive is a go. Happy hunting agents. Agents, oil rig operation confirmed.”

Another translation on the sign is: “Yes sir. The agents were called. Card to access the safe purchased.”

It’s possible that the safe being described is the one pictured below:

See the source image

Agents, oil rigs, hunting? We’re left to wonder the meaning of this.

On Twitter, Mongraal weighed in on the conversation.

Mongraal mentions the furniture on the “Eye Land” (the centermost piece of land on the map) slowly turning to gold. The Eye Land is where the ‘Isle Of The Storm’ was for the FortniteMares event, so this may be the beginning of something else.

On all of their socials, Fortnite has changed their profile picture to the classic “F” but now in gold. Also, all official Fortnite discords have the user: “The Agency” with the handprint profile picture.

One wild theory predicts the possible addition of ‘golden’ materials. “Gold coins” have been in Creative for months and could possibly be another clue to this mystery. With only a few days left until Season 2, whatever is happening needs to happen fast. You can expect to see multiple teasers in the coming days that will possibly explain this new Fortnite story.

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