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Fortnite, known for its dynamic and ever-evolving gameplay, recently introduced a new feature in Chapter 5 Season 1: a moving train that traverses the Battle Royale island. While this addition initially hyped players, the community’s excitement seems to have derailed quickly.

The train, inspired by similar features in games like Call of Duty: Warzone, allows players to board at any point, providing an opportunity for unique combat scenarios on the go. But it’s not all smooth sailing—or, in this case, chugging—according to player feedback from Fortnite players.

One player expressed their initial enthusiasm, saying, “When I first saw the trailer I was super excited and thought ‘wow the train is gonna be super popular and a huge moving unique place to fight!'”

However, the reality didn’t live up to expectations, with the player noting, “It’s just, there. Hardly anyone drops there.”

Does anyone else feel like the train is underwhelming?
byu/Honk_wd inFortNiteBR

The main criticisms stem from the train’s loot system and lack of strategic value. Another Redditor lamented, “It’s bad. Loot sucks. No reason to drop on it.”

The sentiment is echoed by others, with complaints about the lack of high-tier weapons and sufficient ammo. “Only dropping uncommon and rare items doesn’t really inspire,” a player added.

Some players did find bright spots, mentioning “cool interactions” like fighting off pursuers while on the train. Yet, these moments seem to be the exception, not the rule.

The consensus is clear: more could be done to make the train a hotspot for action.

Fortnite’s developers have always been responsive to community feedback, so it’s possible that the train will see improvements in future updates. For now, though, it seems the train is more of a scenic ride than a battleground.

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