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A new PS4-exclusive Fortnite tournament featuring a $1 million prize pool and in-game rewards for players will take place on February 15, developer Epic Games and Playstation have announced.

This two-day tournament will kick off on February 15, and anyone with a Fortnite account that is level 15 or higher can participate. The tournament is a welcome announcement for console players, considering that Fortnite tournament play has been mostly on PC.

While many tournaments dish out prizes exclusively to the top placing players, all you have to do is place in the top 50% to receive some sort of prize. This cup will be region-based, so to earn a prize, you’ll have to beat out the other competitors in your region. Playstation has also revealed that two-factor authentication is a must to be eligible.


For Day 1 (February 15), players have the opportunity to earn the following:

  •  Top 50% – Will receive the “Take Cover” Spray
  •  Top 25% – Will receive the “Wild Accent” Pickaxe and Spray
  •  Top 5% – Will receive the “Tango” Outfit, Pickaxe and Spray

On Day 2 (February 16), the top-performing players will have the opportunity to compete for the $1 million prize pool. While the top 250-1500 players will receive money (based on region), here are the number one prizes for each region.

  •  Europe: $3000
  •  NA East: $2500
  •  NA West: $1200
  •  Brazil: $1200
  •  Oceania: $500
  •  Asia: $500
  •  Middle East: $500


This is how the Celebration Cup will be scored:

  •  Victory Royale – 10 Points
  •  2nd to 5th – 7 Points
  •  6th to 15th – 5 Points
  •  16th to 25th – 3 Points
  •  1 Point for every elimination

To see the exact start times for your region, players can log into Fortnite on your PS4 and visit the Compete tab.

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