Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

As the release date of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth inches closer, fans speculate a demo release on the series’ anniversary, January 31.

Final Fantasy fans are abuzz with anticipation for the February 29 release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the much-awaited sequel in the Final Fantasy VII Remake project. With the original game’s anniversary on January 31, fans are crossing their fingers for a surprise demo release.

The excitement has been building since Square Enix’s preview event last January 22 and is set to reach new heights at the upcoming London event on January 26. These events have offered a glimpse into what Rebirth holds, fueling fan theories and expectations.

January 31 has officially been registered as ‘Final Fantasy VII Day’ in Japan which commemorates the anniversary launch of the original game. A demo drop on the anniversary would be a perfect homage to the series that has captivated fans for decades. 

A demo could serve as an appetizer for the fans while making them hungry for the full game release. It has been a strategy that has been working well for Square Enix in the past as they release demos for other games in the series. 

A Rreddit user has commented, that “‘Allegedly final previews coming this week. It would not surprise me to see the previews drop with the demo release.”’ This sparked some opinions of fans whether the said demo will release on January 31st or not. But this didn’t stop them from hoping that a demo will release sooner than they expect.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is revealed to be a sequel to its predecessor, Final Fantasy VII Remake. Rebirth will continue its story from Cloud, stopping his nemesis, Sephiroth from destroying the world. This made fans hopeful for a release of the demo as the release date comes near. 

Of course, all this remains in the realm of fan speculation until an official announcement is made. Still, with the London event on the horizon, hopes are high that Square Enix will surprise its loyal fanbase with an early treat.

As the clock ticks down to February 29, the gaming community waits with bated breath. Will Square Enix give us a glimpse into the Rebirth world on January 31? Only time will tell.

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