Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth leaks reveal demo, 'crazy' download size 1

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth leaks reveal the game’s alleged download size and upcoming demo.

Posts from PlayStation Game Size on Twitter stated that Square Enix will supposedly release a Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo sometime or immediately after showcasing it on its February 6 State of Play. The demo could feature everything Square Enix would reveal during the event, along with a few things players may discover for themselves. 

Unfortunately, PlayStation Game Size didn’t mention if the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo will feature a few sections of the game or an event separate from the main game like the one Capcom did for Resident Evil Village. However, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth fans who played the demo will reportedly earn an in-game item called “Kupo Charm – Survival Set.”

While the tweet didn’t mention what the item is for, it could be a reward those who completed the demo could enjoy once the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is out on February 29.

Interestingly, another PlayStation Game Size tweet also revealed that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will have a download size of 145 GB on release. Although the size PlayStation Game Size stated is different from the one the game’s director, Naoki Hamaguchi, previously mentioned to Game Informer, 145 GB is still a hefty game to store on gamers’ hard drives. 

Even so, such a massive file size seems to be the norm for this generation in gaming. Gamers may recall that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was 175 GB at launch, while Gearbox Studio released Borderlands 3: Director’s Cut with a 135GB file size, per The Gamer

Nevertheless, gamers should secure as much storage as they can before they download and install Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on their preferred gaming platform.

Regardless, Final Fantasy 7 fans are excited for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s demo, even if it’s just a rumor as of press time. Many fans lauded the idea on social media as it will give them a sneak peek of what’s to time, securing their purchase further than otherwise. 

On the other hand, many were frustrated with the game’s size, regardless of the rumor. Many are considering buying more storage to accommodate Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s size, while others are deleting games from their storage to do the same. 

Nevertheless, some fans are understanding of the situation. They believe that the game’s download size is understandable given how big, detailed, and full of content the game is expected to be. Square Enix previously stated fans can enjoy Chocobo racing and other various side content and mini-games alongside the game’s plot. They can even explore the game’s many locales using unique modes of transportation. 

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