Potter Valorant Masters - Esports Coach of Year

Christine “Potter” Chi, the head coach of Evil Geniuses’ VALORANT team, has been honored with the “Best Esports Coach” award at The Game Awards 2023, marking a significant achievement in her already impressive career.

Potter’s guidance led Evil Geniuses to a spectacular victory at the VALORANT Champions 2023, underlining her exceptional coaching skills and strategic acumen.

Potter’s journey in the esports realm has been groundbreaking, especially in a male-dominated industry. Before moving to VALORANT, she had an illustrious career in Counter-Strike, winning the Women’s Electronic Sports World Cup five times between 2007 and 2012.

Transitioning to VALORANT in 2021, Potter quickly made her mark as a coach, leading Evil Geniuses to numerous successes. Her unique approach to coaching and game strategy has been pivotal in Evil Geniuses’ rise to prominence in the VALORANT scene.

In 2023, Potter’s leadership was instrumental in Evil Geniuses’ ascent to the Champions 2023 Final, marking their second Grand Final appearance in a global VCT event. Under her guidance, the team showcased a masterclass in strategic gameplay, defeating formidable opponents and ultimately claiming the Champions’ trophy.

This achievement was not only a testament to the team’s skill but also to Potter’s effective coaching style and her ability to elevate the team’s performance.

Potter’s success as the only woman coaching a team in the VALORANT Champions Tour, and her role in leading Evil Geniuses to become world champions, underscores the significant impact she has had on the team and the broader esports community.

Her victory at Champions 2023 stands as one of the most notable achievements by a woman in esports, setting an inspiring example for aspiring female coaches and players in the competitive gaming world

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