xQc fires back at Anthony Fantano’s racism allegations in Kanye review clash

xQc vs Anthony Fantano

Popular streamer xQc has vehemently responded to music critic Anthony Fantano’s accusations of racism, following a fiery review of Kanye West’s latest album.

xQc has hit back at music critic Anthony Fantano, AKA The Needle Drop, following Fantano’s controversial review of Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign’s album, “Vultures 1.” Fantano labeled the album “unreviewable trash” and criticized Kanye for his recent antisemitic remarks, sparking a heated debate.

Fantano’s critique extended beyond Kanye’s behavior to the music itself, describing the track ‘Paid’ as a laughably poor effort. This criticism led to a broader discussion on social media, with xQc challenging Fantano’s consistency in reviewing albums by artists with contentious backgrounds.

xQc questioned Fantano’s approach, highlighting a perceived double standard in how music associated with violence is critiqued. “What do you think about the families that have f***ing dead people? When their guy says, ‘We f***ing blasted that fool in the f***ing head one tap with the Draco man?” xQc argued, suggesting that criticism should be applied uniformly across the board.

A clip of xQc’s criticism has gone viral on social media, with one tweet reaching more than 2.8 million views since it was posted yesterday. In response to xQc’s criticism and the clip’s viral nature, Fantano responded, defending his position and accusing xQc of endorsing racism.

“Just wanna say this opinion and anyone who boosts it is just endorsing open racism,” Fantano tweeted. “xQc and anon idiots like this think that because I’m reviewing rappers, I must be reviewing murderers,” addressing the implication that his reviews equate rappers with murderers.

“Rap music is inextricably tied to black history and black culture, and presuming rappers and rap music automatically represent a pro-murder point of view is just plain racism,” Fantano continued.

“If this idiot actually researched and looked through all the artists I’ve reviewed, he’d see it’s not a f***ing police lineup. But since that’s what any rap music I’m probably reviewing represents in his mind, that’s what he assumes.”

xQc paid close attention to Fantano’s comments during his live stream on February 14, even taking time to respond to Fantano directly.

“He tried to portray it that every black person who is a rapper is a murderer,” xQc clarified, expressing disbelief at the mischaracterization of his arguments and the oversimplification of his critique.

“I don’t know what stream you guys are watching,” xQc continued before denying making any such claims, emphasizing the absurdity of assuming all rappers—and, by extension, all black people—are murderers.

After a passionate response, xQc finished up with his more common form of rebuttal.

“Hey Needle Drop, hey bald guy, here’s your yearly bro. Your yearly, I’ve got it right here brother,” xQc boasted, showing off his watch and suggesting that it’s worth more than Fantano’s yearly income.

As for now, xQc says he’s “done” with the Fantano controversy but it remains to be seen if the back-and-forth will fire up once more.

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