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Popular streamer xQc has claimed that his former partner, Adept, asked for a staggering $10 million to end their legal battles.

The case, which only recently concluded, had been marked by dramatic turns and a series of allegations and counter-allegations.

Now, xQc has shed new light on the complex and highly publicized dispute between the former couple, revealing that he denied a $10 million settlement figure. “They asked me for $10 million, flat out. They were like, $10 million, and we’re going to stop this,” xQc claimed in a recent live stream.

xQc, known for his straightforward and unfiltered communication style, did not mince words in sharing his response to this demand. “My response was that I told my lawyer that I wouldn’t do it for a dollar. If I had to pay one dollar, I still wouldn’t accept it. That was the official response.”

The legal battle stemmed from their breakup in 2022. Adept had claimed they were in a “common law marriage” and sought a divorce, leading to a series of allegations, including physical abuse and sexual assault, all of which xQc vehemently denied.

Interestingly, court documents revealed that xQc wasn’t required to pay the previously speculated $500,000 to Adept. The ruling also clarified that Adept would not receive spousal support and would bear her own legal fees. This outcome was a significant win for xQc, who was taken aback by the sudden conclusion of the case.

“I thought I’d never see the day to be honest,” xQc said, reflecting on the unexpected end to their legal dispute.

Following the verdict, Adept took to social media, sharing a series of Instagram Stories that included alleged private messages with xQc.

This latest claim by xQc adds another layer to their already complex and public feud.

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