The Streamer Awards 2024 to receive special treatment from Twitch

The Streamer Awards 2024 to receive special treatment from Twitch 1

The annual Streamer Awards spearheaded by QTCinderella is about to receive an interface upgrade, thanks to Twitch.

The Streamer Awards is to online streamers what the Grammys is to musical artists – although with more fun and no televised streaming. This year, the annual awards show recognizing the hard work of online streamers is set to receive a special extension on the Twitch platform. 

The founder of the awards show, variety streamer QTCinderella, announced on X that Twitch is bringing a special flair with a “prediction” extension feature on the platform. This means you can predict which streamer will win an award right before the winner is announced. 

If you are a fan of TenZ, Asmongold, Tarik, KaiCenat, XQC, and hundreds of other streamers nominated for this year’s awards, the prediction feature could be a fun addition to your watching experience. 

Significant changes in Streamer Awards 2024 

Pokimane is expected to host the event alongside QTCinderella, with ExtraEmily, WillNeff, and CDawgVA acting as red-carpet correspondents. 

Viewers could only expect a grander event, as last year’s edition was a hit, garnering over 500 thousand concurrent views and a total of 1.3 million viewers across all channels and platforms. 

One of the significant changes for this year’s awards show is the rebranding of the Best Valorant Streamer category. Many first-person shooter games saw significant play time throughout 2023, including the much-awaited Counter Strike 2. All first-person shooter streamers now vie for the title of Best FPS Streamer. 

The Streamer Awards 2024 to receive special treatment from Twitch 2
Nominees for Gamer of The Year 2024 (The Streamer Awards)

The event also seems to be moving away from awarding a title for each game, as the notable Best League of Legends Streamer award has been merged with the Best Strategy Game Streamer category for this year’s edition. 

The awards show also recognizes streamers of all forms, as Vtubers now have their own trophy to receive, along with Ironmouse, shxtou, Filian, and the first-of-its-kind chatbot Vtuber Neuro-sama.

The Streamer Awards 2024 will be held in The Wiltern, Los Angeles, on February 17. As of this writing, tickets are still available on their website. For viewers at home, the broadcast will be available on QTCinderella’s Twitch channel starting February 17, 3:00 PM PST.

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