AverageJonas’ merch shoot with Sagemommy leaves fans scratching their heads

AverageJonas' merch shoot with Sagemommy leaves fans scratching their heads 1

AverageJonas’ merch drop gained attention, but maybe not in the way intended, as the photo and posing choices raised fans’ eyebrows. 

Whether you’re a dedicated fan or just a casual watcher of an online game streamer, you already know that merch drops keep the community engaged and excited. From stunning hoodie designs to casual tee fits, these are simple joys for a streamer fan. 

However, what was supposed to be a great launch for AverageJonas’ community became a post that garnered memes and backlash. The former professional Overwatch player found himself in hot water over the posing choices in the merch drop photo. 

On his merch announcement on X, fans quickly noticed the seemingly odd posing and hand placement on the photo, as AverageJonas had his hands wrapped around fellow Valorant streamer Sagemommy, despite his partner and fellow Twitch streamer, Jen, being in the same photo. 

While the marketing of the merch surely gained attention, with the post garnering over 11 million views in two days, it may not have worked as intended. Streamer fans are more fixated on the “issue” with the posing more than AverageJonas’ merch, with some even pulling up other photos of him and Sagemommy. 

Some eagle-eyed fans noticed that this is not the first instance that AverageJonas has exhibited physical closeness with his fellow streamer. Fans pulled up “receipts” of him being closer to Sagemommy than his girlfriend, jokingly asking who they would “think is this guy’s girlfriend” based on the following photos. 

However, Jen quickly cleared up the allegations surrounding the merch drop photo, citing that all streamers in the photo are close friends and that the photographer directed the posing.

This is not the first issue Sagemommy has faced this year. The Valorant streamer notably made rounds on social media after a tumultuous separation from Jettdaddy, a former on-screen partner. 

AverageJonas’ team took down the photo in question on the Instagram merch drop announcement, but it is still available on X as of this writing. 

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