EA FC 24: Understanding Loan Players in Ultimate Team 1

EA SPORTS FC 24 is the inaugural title in the new EA FC series, following the separation between EA Sports and FIFA. While the game retains familiar elements, there are notable changes, especially in the Ultimate Team mode, that players need to acquaint themselves with.

Understanding Loan Players in Ultimate Team

This guide will elucidate the concept of loan players in Ultimate Team, helping gamers make the most out of these temporary team members.

Identifying Loan Players

Loan players are identifiable by a blue circle with a number at the bottom right-hand side of their card. This number represents the set number of competitive games the player can participate in before they expire. For example, a player with a blue circle showing ‘7’ can be used for seven games. After this, the player cannot be renewed or used in competitive games.

Utilizing Loan Players

Loan players can be strategically used in your squad for a limited time. It’s crucial to manage their game count wisely to maximize their impact. Once a loan player reaches one game left, it is recommended to transfer them out of your active squad to avoid accidentally using them in competitive modes like Squad Battles and Division Rivals.

Playing with Loan Players in Friendlies

Even with one game left, loan players can still be used in friendly game modes, allowing players to continue enjoying their presence in the team. Creating a separate squad consisting of loan players with one game left can be beneficial for participating in friendlies without affecting the game count of the loan players.

Acquiring Loan Players

Loan players can be acquired through various means, including objectives, store packs, and Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). Some objectives and SBCs specifically reward players with loan player packs, and promo packs in the store occasionally include loan players as well.

Managing Expired Loan Players

Once a loan player expires, they can be converted to a concept player, which is solely for planning purposes and cannot be used in games. Concept players have a blue background and can be placed in squads for planning but cannot participate in any competitive or friendly games.

Understanding and managing loan players effectively in EA SPORTS FC 24’s Ultimate Team mode can enhance your gameplay experience. By identifying, utilizing, and acquiring loan players strategically, you can optimize your team’s performance in various game modes while being mindful of the limitations of loan players.

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