EA FC 24: How to Renew Contracts in Ultimate Team 1

EA SPORTS FC 24, emerging as the first title in the EA FC series post the EA Sports and FIFA split, has brought forth several modifications, especially in the Ultimate Team mode.

How to Renew Contracts in Ultimate Team

This guide will elucidate the process of renewing contracts in Ultimate Team, a crucial aspect for maintaining your preferred players in the squad.

Identifying Players Needing Contract Renewal

Players in need of contract renewal are indicated by a flashing icon resembling a contract at the top right of their bar. To renew a contract, navigate to the player and select “Actions.” If “Apply a recommended consumable player contracts” is visible, select it; if not, you might not have a contract available.

Applying Contracts

You can choose the type of contract to apply by using the “Apply Consumable” button. Different contracts offer varying numbers of games, depending on the player’s quality (bronze, silver, or gold). Select the desired contract and apply it, increasing the contract number on the left-hand side.

Acquiring More Contracts

If you run out of contracts, you can acquire more from the transfer market. Navigate to “Transfers” from the root menu of Ultimate Team and search for player contracts under “Consumable Type.” Bid on the contracts or buy them immediately, depending on your need and budget.

Managing Loan Players

Loan players cannot have their contracts renewed. Once the number of games on a loan player’s badge expires, the player becomes unusable in competitive games. It’s advisable to keep at least one game on your loan players to use them in non-competitive games like friendlies.

Renewing contracts in EA SPORTS FC 24’s Ultimate Team mode is essential for keeping your players available for matches. By understanding how to apply and acquire contracts and manage loan players effectively, you can maintain a robust and versatile squad for various matches.

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