How to Play Practice Arena in EA FC 24: Guide

How to Play Practice Arena in EA FC 24: Guide 1

EA SPORTS FC 24, the successor to the FIFA series, continues to offer players an immersive football experience with enhanced features and gameplay mechanics.

This guide will focus on the revamped Practice Arena in EA SPORTS FC 24, detailing how to access and utilize it to improve your gameplay skills and experiment with different scenarios.

How to Use the Practice Arena in EA SPORTS FC 24

Accessing the Practice Arena

  1. Navigate to Learn to Play: From the main menu, go to the “Learn to Play” section and press A on Xbox or X on PlayStation to access it.
  2. Select Practice Arena: Within this section, you will find the Practice Arena, which now saves your previous settings and player placements.

Utilizing the Arena Features

  1. Drag and Drop Players: The Practice Arena allows you to drag and drop players on the pitch to create specific scenarios. Use the left stick to move across to a player and select them with A on Xbox or X on PlayStation.
  2. Rotate Players: Use the right stick to rotate players and place them exactly where you want them, allowing you to practice against different defensive setups.
  3. Change Camera Angles: The camera is set to use the default angle that you use in other game modes, but you can change it to various modes like Co-op, Broadcast, or Tele Broadcast to suit your preference.

Practicing Free Kicks and Scenarios

  1. Access Free Kick Mode: Press the menu button to access the free kick mode, allowing you to practice free kicks against different wall setups.
  2. Create Scenarios: Move and rotate players to create different scenarios and practice special skills, attacking maneuvers, and free kicks.
  3. Experiment with Controls: Use the pause menu to access button help and skill moves, allowing you to learn and experiment with different controls and skill moves in a controlled environment.

Changing Practice Teams

  1. Go to Profile Manager: To change the team you use in the Practice Arena, go to settings from the root menu, select profile, and find the profile manager.
  2. Change Favorite Team: Within the profile manager, change your favorite team, and this will be the team you use in the Practice Arena.

The Practice Arena in EA SPORTS FC 24 offers a versatile and improved environment for players to practice and hone their skills. By utilizing the various features, camera angles, and scenario setups available in the arena, players can experiment with different strategies and improve their gameplay in a more tailored and focused manner.

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