How to Get Better at EA FC 24: Guide 1

EA SPORTS FC 24, evolving from the FIFA series, is a complex game with a myriad of controls and systems to master. For newcomers or those looking to enhance their skills, the game offers various features and modes to help players understand the controls and improve their gameplay.

How to Improve Your Skills in EA SPORTS FC 24

This guide will walk you through some simple steps and areas you can explore to get better at EA SPORTS FC 24.

Explore the Learn to Play Section

  1. Start with Basics: Navigate to the “Learn to Play” section from the main menu. This section contains numerous tutorials and skill games focusing on basics like dribbling, ground pass, long pass, defending, and more.
  2. Practice Ground Pass: Start with simple exercises like ground pass to understand the controls and mechanics. The game provides instructions and scenarios to practice and improve your passing skills.
  3. Explore Other Areas: Once comfortable with the basics, explore other areas like shooting, set pieces, and practice scenarios to get a comprehensive understanding of the game mechanics.

Utilize the Practice Arena

  1. Access the Arena: The Practice Arena has been polished in FC 24, offering more options and scenarios to practice.
  2. Set Up Scenarios: Move players around to create specific scenarios and practice special skills, free kicks, and more.
  3. Change Difficulty and Camera: Adjust the difficulty level and camera angle to simulate different game situations and practice accordingly.

Engage in Training Center Lessons

  1. Access Training Center: The Training Center offers various lessons and objectives to help you understand different aspects of the game.
  2. Simulate Complete Games: This mode simulates more complete game scenarios compared to other modes, allowing you to practice in a more realistic environment.
  3. Complete Objectives: Follow the objectives provided in each lesson to practice and improve specific skills and gameplay aspects.

Practice and Experiment

  1. Experiment with Controls: Use the Practice Arena and Training Center to experiment with different controls and skill moves.
  2. Practice Regularly: Regular practice in different modes will help you get accustomed to the controls and improve your gameplay over time.
  3. Seek Help and Tutorials: If you need more help, look for tutorials and ask for advice or tips. Engage with the community to learn and improve.

Improving your skills in EA SPORTS FC 24 involves exploring different learning modes, practicing regularly, and understanding the game mechanics and controls. By utilizing the Learn to Play section, Practice Arena, and Training Center, players can gradually enhance their gameplay and enjoy a more competitive and rewarding experience in EA SPORTS FC 24.

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