How to Flair Pass in EA FC 24

How to Flair Pass in EA FC 24 1

EA SPORTS FC 24, succeeding the FIFA series, brings a fresh gameplay experience, especially with its enhanced practice arena. This guide will focus on mastering the flair pass, a flashy and stylish way to pass the ball, which can be practiced in the improved practice arena of the game.

How to Execute a Flair Pass in EA SPORTS FC 24

Understanding the Controls

To execute a flair pass, players need to use the left trigger and pass button simultaneously. For Xbox users, it’s the LT and A buttons, and for PlayStation users, it’s the L2 and X buttons. The direction you are facing is also crucial for the accuracy of the flair pass.

Setting Up the Practice Arena

To practice the flair pass, navigate to the main menu and select “Learn to Play.” Inside, you will find the “Practice Arena.” The new practice arena allows you to add players from the side by dragging and dropping them onto the pitch. You can rotate and position them as you wish, and then start the game to practice the flair pass.

Executing the Flair Pass

  • Hold the left trigger (LT or L2) and the pass button (A or X) simultaneously.
  • The direction you are facing impacts the direction of the Flair pass.
  • Holding the buttons a bit longer can increase the distance of the pass.

Tips for Mastering the Flair Pass

  • Practice the flair pass in different directions to understand the mechanics better.
  • Use the practice arena to set up different scenarios and practice the flair pass under various conditions.
  • Experiment with flair through balls and other advanced passing techniques to enhance your gameplay.

Mastering the flair pass in EA SPORTS FC 24 can add a stylish and effective passing technique to your gameplay arsenal. By utilizing the improved practice arena and understanding the controls and mechanics, you can execute flair passes accurately and elevate your in-game experience.

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