EA FC 24: How to Complete Objectives in Ultimate Team 1

EA SPORTS FC 24, the first installment in the EA FC series after the split between EA Sports and FIFA, has introduced several new features and adjustments, particularly in the Ultimate Team mode.

How to Complete Objectives in Ultimate Team

This guide will focus on how to complete objectives in Ultimate Team, a significant area of the game that allows players to earn various rewards and enhance their gaming experience.

Navigating to Objectives

To start, navigate to the root menu of Ultimate Team where you will see “Objectives” on the top bar. If you have completed some objectives, a little red number will appear next to it, indicating the number of completed objectives. Select “Objectives” to view and claim them.

Understanding Different Objectives

Inside the “Objectives” section, you will find different areas such as “Season Progress,” “Live,” “Seasonal Milestones,” and “Foundations.” Each area offers various objectives that, when completed, grant different rewards like packs, players, and XP.

Completing Season Progress Objectives

In “Season Progress,” you work towards earning XP to unlock levels and receive rewards like players and packs. Pay attention to the XP required for each level and the time left in the current season to claim all possible rewards.

Completing Live Objectives

In “Live,” you will find objectives related to current events, which may grant packs and XP. Read the requirements carefully and complete them within the event’s run time to claim the rewards.

Completing Seasonal and Daily Objectives

Under “Seasonal,” you will find daily, bi-weekly, and weekly objectives that grant XP and other rewards. Completing daily objectives multiple times and fulfilling the requirements of bi-weekly and weekly objectives will allow you to accumulate XP and rewards over time.

Claiming Rewards

Once you complete an objective, return to the “Objectives” section and look for a present icon next to the completed objective. Select it to claim your reward. It’s crucial to claim all rewards promptly as some may have expiration times.

Tips for Completing Objectives

  • Regularly check the “Objectives” section for new and unclaimed objectives.
  • Focus on completing objectives with nearing expiration times first.
  • Fulfill the requirements of multiple objectives simultaneously when possible.

Completing objectives in EA SPORTS FC 24’s Ultimate Team mode is a rewarding way to enhance your gaming experience. By understanding the different types of objectives and diligently working towards fulfilling them, players can earn valuable rewards and progress efficiently in the game.

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