EA FC 24: How to Check Record in Ultimate Team 1

EA SPORTS FC 24, the innovative successor to the FIFA series, offers a range of features and statistics to help players track their progress in Ultimate Team.

How to Check Your Record in EA SPORTS FC 24 Ultimate Team

This guide will focus on how to check your win, draw, and loss ratio, as well as your player stats, to keep tabs on your performance and your players’ contributions.

Accessing General Win, Draw, and Loss Ratio

  1. Navigate to Club: Use the right button or R1 on PlayStation to move over to the “Club” section and enter with A on Xbox or X on PlayStation.
  2. Go to Stadium: Once in the “Club” section, right button or R1 over to “Stadium” to view your win, draw, and loss ratio.
  3. View Ratio: Here, you can see your general win, draw, and loss ratio since you started playing Ultimate Team, along with when you started your journey in the FIFA/FC games.

Viewing Player Stats

  1. Navigate to Squad: Use LB to move over to “Squad” and enter with A on Xbox or X on PlayStation.
  2. Access Squad Actions: Press the left stick button for “Squad actions” and come down to “Player stats,” selecting it with A or X.
  3. View Player Stats: Here, you can see detailed stats for each player, including played goals, assists, red cards, yellow cards, and more.
  4. Sort and Filter Stats: You can sort the stats in different ways using the X button and view top players by right button or R1 over to “Top Players.”

Additional Details

  • Detailed Player Insights: By pressing the right stick button, you can delve into more details for each player, viewing matches played, whether you are the first owner, and other additional stats.
  • Top Players Overview: The “Top Players” section allows you to see who your overall highest-rated players are, along with their played goals, assists, and other contributions.

Checking your record and player stats in EA SPORTS FC 24 Ultimate Team is a straightforward process that allows you to monitor your progress and analyze your players’ performance. By understanding how to navigate through the different sections and view detailed statistics, you can gain insights into your gameplay and make informed decisions to enhance your Ultimate Team experience.

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