EA FC 24: How to Change Kit Numbers in Ultimate Team 1

EA SPORTS FC 24, the debut title in the EA FC series, brings several innovations and alterations, especially in the Ultimate Team mode, following the dissociation between EA Sports and FIFA.

How to Change Kit Numbers in Ultimate Team

This guide will walk you through how to change kit numbers in Ultimate Team, allowing players to customize their players’ kit numbers according to their preferences.

Navigating to Squad Actions

To change kit numbers, start from the root menu of Ultimate Team. Navigate using RB or R1 until you find the “Club” section. In the bottom left-hand side, choose the select button (‘A’ for Xbox, ‘X’ for PlayStation) and jump into “Squad.” Inside the squad view, select “Squad Actions” on the left-hand side. The button for this is displayed just underneath the badge.

Accessing Kit Numbers

Once in “Squad Actions,” navigate to “Kit Numbers” and select it. You will then see your squad with all the different kit numbers displayed. To change any of these numbers, choose the select button and a little highlight with an arrow will appear on the selected player, allowing you to move left and right to change the number.

Changing and Saving Kit Numbers

If you choose a number that is already assigned, it will swap the numbers between the two players. For example, if you change Luka Modric’s number from 10 to 8, and 8 is already assigned to Toni Kroos, Kroos will automatically get the number 10. Once you are satisfied with the changes, save them. You can double-check the changes by going back to “Kit Numbers” in “Squad Actions.”

Adjusting Substitutes’ Kit Numbers

You can also adjust the kit numbers for your substitutes by moving down to your subs and changing those in the same way as the players in the main squad. If you swap a number with a substitute, it will exchange the numbers between the selected substitute and the player in the main squad.

Changing kit numbers in EA SPORTS FC 24’s Ultimate Team mode is a simple and straightforward process, allowing players to customize their experience further. By understanding how to navigate through the menus and save the changes, players can ensure their teams are organized according to their preferences.

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