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EA SPORTS FC 24 is here and it marks the first in the new EA FC series now that EA Sports and FIFA have split up. There are many changes in EA FC 24, especially to those who are familiar with the FIFA series of old, so let’s jump into the details of how to buy players in Ultimate Team.

How to Buy Players in Ultimate Team

Today, we will be focusing on a guide that will help you understand how to buy players in Ultimate Team mode. This guide will provide insights on how to get the best possible price and enhance your gaming experience by building a stronger and more cohesive team.

Finding the Right Players

To buy players, you can either go to the store and buy packs of players or buy players from the transfer market. When buying packs, you can preview them every 24 hours to see what players you would get. However, buying players from the transfer market is more precise as you can choose exactly which player you want to buy.

Navigating the Transfer Market

In the transfer market, you can see every player that is currently listed. Players are listed with a starting price, current bids, and a Buy It Now price. You can place bids on players, and the player will go to the highest bidder once the listing expires. You can also buy players immediately at the Buy It Now price if you don’t want to wait for the auction to end.

Using Filters to Narrow Down Searches

You can use various filters to narrow down your search to find the player you want. You can filter by league, club, and pricing. For example, if you are looking for a Liverpool player in the Premier League and have a budget of 3,000 coins, you can set these filters to find the suitable available players within your budget.

Bidding and Buying Players

Once you have found the player you want, you can place a bid or buy them immediately at the Buy It Now price. If you are the highest bidder when the listing expires, you will win the player. After winning a player, you can assign them to your team, list them on the transfer market again, or quick sell them.

Building Your Team

After buying players, you can go to your club and assign them to your squad to improve your team’s overall rating and chemistry. Consider the player’s position, league, and club when assigning them to ensure the best team chemistry.

Buying players in Ultimate Team mode in EA SPORTS FC 24 is a strategic and exciting aspect of the game. By understanding how to navigate the transfer market, use filters effectively, and place bids, you can build a strong and cohesive team that enhances your gaming experience and helps you succeed in the game.

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