EA FC 24: How to Buy FC Points in Ultimate Team

EA FC Points

EA SPORTS FC 24, the innovative successor to the FIFA series, offers a variety of features and in-game purchases to enhance your Ultimate Team experience.

How to Purchase FC Points in EA SPORTS FC 24 Ultimate Team

This guide will focus on how to buy FC points in Ultimate Team, which can be used to purchase packs and other items within the game.

Navigating to the Store

To buy FC points, navigate to the store within Ultimate Team. You can do this by pressing the right button or R1 on PlayStation to move over to the store. Once you are in the store, select it with A on Xbox or X on PlayStation.

Selecting FC Points

In the store area, you will see an option for FC points on the top bar. Navigate to FC points using the WR button or R1 on PlayStation. Here, you can see the different options available for purchasing FC points. FC points are used to buy packs in the game, and the more you spend, the better the value you get.

Choosing the Amount

You can choose the amount of FC points you want to buy, with different price points offering different values. For example, purchasing 12,000 FC points will give you better value compared to buying two smaller packs. Once you have selected the amount, confirm your purchase, and it will link to your Xbox or PlayStation store, depending on your platform.

Completing the Purchase

After confirming the purchase, it will give you a summary, and you can choose to buy. Once the purchase is complete, your FC points will be added to your account, and you can use them to buy promo packs, classic packs, stadium bundles, and other items available in the store.

Using FC Points

Once you have your FC points, you can navigate to different sections in the store to spend them on various items. Each item will have a points cost, and you can see what you get for your points before confirming the purchase.

Purchasing FC points in EA SPORTS FC 24 allows players to enhance their Ultimate Team experience by acquiring new packs and items. By navigating to the store and selecting the desired amount of FC points, players can easily complete the purchase and enjoy the additional content available in the game.

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