EA FC 24: What are Evolutions in Ultimate Team? 1

EA SPORTS FC 24 is the pioneering title in the EA FC series, emerging from the split between EA Sports and FIFA. While the core gameplay remains recognizable, there are several modifications, particularly in the Ultimate Team mode, that players should familiarize themselves with.

How to Use Evolutions in Ultimate Team

Today’s guide will delve into a new feature in Ultimate Team mode called “Evolutions,” allowing players to level up their players by completing specific objectives.

Accessing Evolutions

To access Evolutions, navigate to the main menu of Ultimate Team in EA SPORTS FC 24, move to the “Club” section, and select “Evolutions.” Here, you can view available Evolutions and the objectives required to level up your players. Select an Evolution and apply it to a player to start the process.

Selecting and Applying Evolutions

Evolutions are player-specific upgrades that can be applied to enhance player attributes. For instance, the “Founders Evolution” can be used to level up a striker, upgrading their weak foot, shooting, and physical attributes. Each Evolution has its set of challenges, like playing a certain number of matches, which, upon completion, unlock the upgrades.

Managing Evolution Players

Once a player has an Evolution applied, they become untradable, meaning they cannot be sold or discarded. However, they can still be used in Squad Building Challenges once the Evolution is complete. It’s crucial to strategically choose which player to apply an Evolution to, considering the trade-off between upgrading and trading.

Completing Challenges and Upgrading Players

By completing the challenges associated with an Evolution, players can earn substantial upgrades, improving their overall score and specific attributes like pace, shooting, and passing. Some Evolutions offer significant upgrades but may require more complicated challenges and even in-game currency or points to initiate.

Exploring Various Evolutions

Different Evolutions are available, each with unique challenges and rewards. For example, the “Relentless Winger” Evolution requires 50,000 coins or 1,000 points to set up and offers extensive upgrades in shooting, passing, and dribbling. Players should explore available Evolutions and decide which ones align with their strategy and player roster.

Evolutions in EA SPORTS FC 24’s Ultimate Team mode offer a strategic way to enhance player attributes and overall scores. By understanding how to access, apply, and complete Evolutions, players can optimize their teams and gain a competitive edge in the game.

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